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Mon May 14 21:41:26 PDT 2001

I've been gone a while. I really miss my friends in the North. I don't miss all the petty bickering that I have seen lately on this list. Those of you who know me know that I choose my own friends, regardless of factions or household.

   I believe (I know I will be corrected if wrong) 'stacia proposed a gryphon as symbol years ago because 1) it is a royal heraldric symbol symbol and 2) at the time it was not part of the device of any kingdom. I DO believe 'stacia does know her heraldry.

  A lot of time has passed and things have changed. Some people don't like the symbol. Others (no names here, you know who you are) don't like the perceived source. Others are simply upset that they weren't consulted. The gryphon is certainly not a "done deal". Instead of complaining about it propose an alternative. (Mae I love you dearly, but I will NOT wear a butterfly tabbard to war. ;) ). There ARE people I don't like, but I judge thier proposals on the merits of the idea....not the source. Too many of you read Machiavelli and search for a hidden purpose/dagger in everything.

  A lot of work does get done in living rooms. It doesn't automatically get rammed down your throat as some of you imply. It is then offered up to all for thier input. If you want to offer something, then do it. Don't complain because someone else was willing to do the work and you weren't.

  There will never be 100% concensus on anything. ESPECIALLY in a group as diverse, intelligent, maladjusted (;)) and opinionated as ours. In addition, some people are simply contrary. We are SUPPOSED to be having fun, not developing our own little spheres of influence. If you can't play nice, go to your room think about why you play. If you have forgotten chivalry honor and just plain fun maybe you should take a break.


Note: Smiley's inserted for the humour impaired.

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