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Geni Gorham geni_rn at swbell.net
Mon May 14 21:50:33 PDT 2001

To the Fractions in the North, (a joke, Ha-ha)

By the many comments made on this forum in the last few days.  It shows
the strife and discord in our fair north.  It also show how thin skinned
we are in regards to each other.  Many people have ask that what they
say not be taken personally, it is for clarification only, but we take
it personal anyway.  If they meant it as a personal affront they did not
preface it with a disclaimer.

Baroness Meleah wrote:
"None of us were
consulted about colors, charges, or anything else except the few that
chose to share the idea with."

But that is her own badge, she doesn't need to consult anyone.  I've
seen the banner and tabard but I don't think I've ever seen her
Excellency badge.  If she wants to offer it as a symbol of the north, it
should be considered.  But, no one should assume that since it is
already in such wide use, that we in the north have chosen it over other
symbols.  And would be the badge of choice if and when we choose one.

Meleah goes on to say:
"This is NOT unity, it breeds factionalism
simply BECAUSE it was not done in a public forum. If you want a
then you should certainly include us ALL in the decision making.
else is viewed as one small group trying to force feed the rest of us
their own wishes and does nothing but foster enmity."  and  "It's time
to take this entire process out from under the
and place it squarely and openly in front of everyone."

Meleah never said that she or anyone was not given opportunity to hear
and speak about the vote for principality if they wanted.  I interpreted
what she said here as no  choice was given in selecting the badge, name,
and other things related to being a principality.  As if the griffin and
Nordsteorra was a done deal. ( I like dolphins, would look great on a
badge, too bad dolphins don't live in lakes)  Clarrise says this was
presented as a symbol 10 years ago.  I find where there's smoke there is
generally some bases for the truth.

Ian your ideal of a committee is great.  I like the ideal of volunteer,
not people appointed.  So that no one can come back later and say the
committee was loaded with people who wanted one think or another.  I
would be happy to sit on such a committee.
Also Meleah, the tabard and flag, have been around since the northern
regional warlord selection started.  Treshan passed it down to Thorvald
when he became warlord.  I think Thorvald was the 2nd warlord so that
makes 5-6 years now.

Personally I could care less if we become a principality or not.  I will
support our region either way.  I did not send in a vote because of my
indifference.  I'm here to learn, socialize, and have fun, not always in
that order.
Jean Paul the flag and tabard were resented to the 1st Warlord not the
most recent, unless there are new one's I'm not aware of.  They were
looking pretty ragged when Thorvald had them.  If Sigen made one for
Owen then that is great, unless she stipulated it was a pass down prize.

Robert if everyone would walk away when they hear garbage about an
honorable person or one of our nobles, then that person would have no
one to talk with.  Personally I like the wolfstar badge.  (You did hear
that Lilies War is the Wolves vs the Lions)

What I am about to say is all hearsay, but I think worth the telling.
Many years ago (about the time I joined the SCA) there was talk about
having a Northern Regional Warlord and Sigen was not in favor of this.
There was much discussion on the matter and it became a yearly event.
Sigen did not just go off and not participate (some could learn from
this fine example), because she didn't get what she thought was the best
think for the north.  She came foreword and has helped in numerous ways
to continue to make Warlord an on going event and to help unite the
north.  Now, I have said this is all hearsay, and if I am wrong, I'm
sure that there is someone on this list who will point that out.
Due to other things going on in my life, I sat down this AM after
working all night and read all of the e-mails (and went back a few time
and reviewed the posting) before writing this missive.  I have tried to
touch on those area I feel are important. I hope I have not stepped on
anyone toes and not come across as taking one side against the other.  I
call their Excellencies Namron and Weisenfieur  friend, I call the rest
your Excellencies.
One last thought, If we'd all read, go off and think, come back and read
again, then post our response we may have more harmony and peace in the
north.  I learned a law of physics many years ago, for every action
there is a direct and opposite reaction, it is also a good view of human
nature in regards to e-mails.  For every posting there is a direct and
opposite posting.

In service to the Dream and the North,
Jessamy Gorham, of Wizard's Keep

"All we want is peace, peace....peace is all we want"   To paraphrase a
Beatles song

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