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<< A crane already has such symbolism in Ansteorra that it
 seems inappropriate for a Principality.  It is one of our
 Kingdom supporters.

 Hawkins >>
I can agree with that line of reasoning.
The use of collars and black "stars" in a regional symbol seems to me to be
nothing more then a reassurance of Kingdom loyalty, without actually using
the Kingdom arms. The possibilities of a regional "symbol" or "charge" have
been discussed here on this list before, that is until some folks insisted
that the topic cease, as not everyone had access to the list.
Granted, that type of logic can be applied to any discussion here, but I
The number of possibilities for a regional symbol is huge.
I myself mentioned the wide range of raptors and birds of prey native to
area, including owls, eagles, falcons, buteos, hawks, vultures, goshawks and
The heraldic sunburst would be a possibility, as would the heraldic
thunderbolt or the zephyr. I think they would be rather faithful to the
climate here in Northern Ansteorra.

 The wolf has been mentioned, but the boar hasn't recieved much attention.
The griffin is indeed a great symbol, but for that matter so are the dragon,
the horse, the ram, the basilisk, the unicorn, the mastiff or hound, the
bear, the stag, the raven or the lion.
Those have ALL been used, certainly, but the idea is to make something your
own, make it individual, instill it with personal meaning and regional pride.
Just while typing this, I wondered what items could be made more "northern"
by adding wings.
The original issue wasn't the griffin in and of itself, but the lack of input
percieved in it's northern associations.
I gotta admit, if her Excellency Sigen was attempting to protect the griffin
for future use, that's sharp thinking.
 It would appear, if recent posts can be used as a gauge, that the final crux
of the matter is an assurance that the entire region has input into symbols,
customs, traditions and ideals. If her Excellency Sigen was acting on the ol'
"Just-in-case" hunch, that's great. She was thinking of the future. Put the
griffin into the options pile and keep it in mind as a possibility for the
Present use of the symbol and the PERCIEVED association is obviously
irritating a LOT of people. Some folks feel that the display of the badge
while acting in a Northern office or position is presumptive. Some don't like
seeing the ol' mullet of 5 greater and lesser points being used in anything
other then official Ansteorran arms or badges. Before correcting those
people, remember that a symbol is just that, a symbol. Without sentimental
attachment or higher ideals being attached to it, it's just an image, like so
much clip art. Emotions and memories give symbols their strength and meaning.
If a symbol recieves, for whatever reason, a negative association, it sticks.
 The swastika illustrates that rather clearly, and the reclaiming of the
pentagram or pentacle in public is an uphill battle for our more pagan
friends and family.
To sum this up, I think it's premature for any charge, symbol or badge to
make an appearance. This area isn't ready for it, yet.
If folks want to display Her Excellencies badge, let them. It's a great way
of showing personal devotion and respect to her.
The North has no such arms as of yet, and it won't, until the entire region
has decided what it shall be.
Until the region declares it as such, The Griffin is not our symbol.

P.S. Since this IS such a delicate topic, if anyone was offended by any of my
observations or opinions, I ask you remember that these are simply my
observations. I have no personal issues with anyone, except Don Hawkins, who
seems to think he can fondle my woman at events without paying me the
standard fee of 1 case of whiskey...and His Excellency Barn...and His
Excellency Daniel Blackaxe...and His Excellency Uriah....
Man, I gotta lotta whiskey comin'.


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