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Bjorn Magnusson Esping|8306X-8807X|b|Or, in pale a man statant affronty,
vested of a Norman helm, bearing a double-bitted battleaxe bendwise and a
kite shield, and in base two bars wavy gules.|(-transferred to Namron,
Barony of)

     this is the Badge Annabelle is speaking of as cut straight from the
book at the college of heralds.

   I was there when Poppa Bjorn offered it to Namron as  a Civil Ensign (I
believe that is the correct term)

   As such her Excellency Maleah is correct that it would be inapposite to
give it up without a polling of the populace of Namron.

  However I think it would be highly appropriate to have such a device ( the
badge of the first Baron of the north) as the Regional/potential
Principality  arms.  Also I believe that Bjorn would have had no problem
with this and considered it a great honor.

   If we are actually discussing some symbol for the Northern Region  to
rally around and not just arguing to see who can yell the loudest ,then I
think this would be wonderful Arms  for the North and should be considered.
      But again the populace of Namron should be consulted first,  once that
is done if the populace agrees I would like to see this put forth as a
possible set of arms for the north.

( And yes, before anyone waste they're time reiterating that as a region we
don't have regional arms ,,I already know)

                                               Seneschal Namron

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> Annabelle said:
> As an alternative consideration, I believe that Baron
> Bjorn many years ago registered a device of a Red Man over a Red River,
> I cannot remember whether he offered it specifically to Namron, or to the
> entire North as a possible emblem.  I know that Namron uses the Red Man as
> one of its supporters, but do not know the "legal" status of the entire
> The badge HL Annabelle is speaking of was given to the Barony by Master
> Bjorn as a war banner. It now belongs to the Barony of Namron and will not
> be released for any other purpose without the majority of the Barony
> us that is their wish.
> Maleah
> Baroness of Namron
> (anybody got $1.50??)
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