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CAMERON LEWIS okrabbit at home.com
Tue May 15 17:33:55 PDT 2001

Hi everyone Alrek here,

Kelandra Carmichael wrote:
I...Laird Ian Dun Gillan...here by Challenge each person with in this region to
express their open and truthful opinion on the Griffon and on the Principality
Here are my asked for opinions and stuff:

I like the idea of a principality to add a bit more oomph (my official word) to
the game in the North.
We will not always have a King or Queen from the north but within an
principality we can have royalty at the smaller events that the crown does not
attend.  These figures will be at NORTHERN events.  These figures will be able
to pass out Principality awards as well as some Kingdom awards... granted they
will not be able to pass out the awards without the kings approval and they
might not be able to attend EVERY northern event but most of the kings in the
recent past that we have had would not have a problem with a Prince saying "Hey,
I would like to give ... Oxlade ....another Thistle for blowing the glass
bottles to put his beer in".  New channels will have to be formed to deal with
"official business" that I do not know of but we are a volunteer society and
people DO volunteer for these things.  I see a new banner to be flown, new
thrones and crowns to be made, new awards to develop, and new and old
friendships to come together to get theses things done.  I see these things
happen to make "our" game one that can improve for everyone, new and old alike.
I do not see the down side of a principality, I would like to know those things
Please educate me...

As for the griffen idea.  I do not have a problem with having a griffen as one
symbol.  I would like other charges to be used in the making of a emblem that
would basically "represent" Oklahoma, and a bit of Texas.  I would like
something to be done with a background besides one color... checky, lozengy,
FURRY, quartered... and a nice border, nothing plain but to have a bit of flair
to it... embattled, dovetailed, wavy, ewww maybe not wavy, and definately not
flames they are too hard believe me.  I look at this with a fighters point of
view.  I will use gulf war as an example.  It is more impressive to see
Atlantia's arms with all the stuff on them with blue and white checky, than say,
the blade runners in a simple unadorned maroon.  Both are apparent as to who
they are but when you get down too it the frillyer stuff just looks better.
Some say "thats too hard to make".  It gives you a goal and when you have
something that is hard to make you might take better care of it and respect it
more.  So you wont be able to throw it together the night before the war, so?
It is too easy to go and buy a bolt of cloth and paint one design on the front,
whatever the design is.  The problem is it looks like it was thrown together and
thats why we dont have carpet armor any more too.  It is legal to wear but we
dont suggest it because it looks thrown together.  The tabbards that I have seen
are a good start but we can improve on the way we look on the field.  When I
talked to Oxlade at the war this year I mentioned that I thought it was time for
the liondragon guard to get a new look.  Not changing their emblems but just
trying something new.  Incorporate the kingdom badge into the look and with a
new tabbard you will get recognized... look what it did for Bryn Gwylad.

Speaking my piece,
Sir Alrek Kanin
(AOA, OST, blabidy blabidy blah)
who only has seven cents for a dime cup of coffee

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