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Thu May 17 09:11:16 PDT 2001

How do I say this.  Atenveldt was a principality for a year before it became a
kingdom.  Ansteorra was a principality for two years be for it became a
kingdom.  Calontir was a principality for three years be for it became a

Calontir acted like a principality and talked like a principality before it
became a principality.

So for my money making the north a principality means they want to be a free and
independent state.  This may or may not actually be the case. I for one would
hate to see this happen but that is the historical precedent in the area.   If
the area could 'just' be a principality I might be in favor  of it but even that
would mean that it would probably become more insular.  Fewer people would
travel south fewer would travel north.  It could well become an invisible
dividing line separating us from our brothers and sisters to the south.  We
would become much poorer for that and I like to think the south would too.

All in all I have no vote in this and it cannot effect me directly, so I
probably should have stayed out of this matter and you are welcome to write me
personally and tell me so.  But my heart still remembers the home of my youth
and my good wishes go with it no matter where I roam.

Aela of the Hills

<the below has been clipped for brevity>

> Hi everyone Alrek here,
> Kelandra Carmichael wrote:
> I...Laird Ian Dun Gillan...here by Challenge each person with in this region to
> express their open and truthful opinion on the Griffon and on the Principality
> issues.
> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
> Here are my asked for opinions and stuff:
> I like the idea of a principality to add a bit more oomph (my official word) to
> the game in the North.

Good stuff on the benefits of being a principality clipped from here

> I do not see the down side of a principality, I would like to know those things
> too.
> Please educate me...

Stuff on regional symbols and tabards which I am not replying to

> Speaking my piece,
> Sir Alrek Kanin
> (AOA, OST, blabidy blabidy blah)
> who only has seven cents for a dime cup of coffee
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