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Tue May 15 21:38:25 PDT 2001

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I'm going try my best to make certain no ill will is perceived in any of the following.

I only attended one of the principality meetings, mainly because (and bear in mind, this is just my own perception, I'm not stating that this was the intention of those conducting it) it seemed more like a infomercial than a discussion. Everybody presenting all excited about the issue (and I'm sure that's alot of the motivation here) and those who were indifferent not attending because they didn't care, or those opposed not attending because they would come off sounding like Eeyore (not sure of the spelling but you get my meaning). It ended up a bit one sided.

Is there the possibility, now that it seems certain that the principality issue is not going to just go away, of there being an open debate? Something advertised through several venues and well in advance, so that people can really get BOTH sides of the issues? Not run by either for or against, but perhaps some of the I'm just here to have fun no matter what banner is flying. And follow it up with a real polling, to get the issues decided before it ends up as the blue and the grey up here. I'm sure it would open a great big can of worms, but better that than having wounds festering and never healing. I think a few people who have posted have touched on an important issue - lack of communication between the two opposing sides that have formed.

In a recent disussion with another bard here in the north ( I won't bring up his name, he can speak up himself if he wishes, I have no desire to drag anyone into this). We talked about the fact that we have good  friends on both sides of the issue, many of whom have grown to dislike each other, and how much that hurt to see. We also talked about the fact that many people in the SCA , despite our dream of pursuing all that's noble and good about the era we recreate, are quick to temper and long to hold grudges. We pointed out things each of us liked in people the other regarded as little more than a demon (although I admit, much to my shame, that he seems to be resolving his demons better than mine, but then again, he's gotten to know his better - there again, that communication issue).

I know it hurts and angers me to see people I have grown to respect and love come under attack.  Sometimes, again much to my shame to admit, I am much slower to realize that there are those out there who see people I don't respect come under attack and it provokes the same feelings of hurt in them. I think maybe if we all kept that in mind more often, not looking at the ones on the chairs or wearing the hats so much as looking at those who TRULY respect and love them .I'm not talking about the hangers on that anyone with power or perceived power tend to collect (we wouldn't have created the term brown-noser if they didn't actually exist), but the everyday, hard-working, here to have fun person who really looks up to those on the thrones or wearing hats, those who haven't gotten caught up in the political nightmare, those who haven't lost sight of the reason we all came here to begin with. Look at the hurt in their eyes the next time they hear the honor of their mentor or respected friend questioned and remember what that feels like. I'm saying this because the principality issue has caused alot of fur to fly and alot of hurt feelings on both sides. You don't need to look any further than the post over the last week alone to see that. I'm as guilty as anyone I know of getting caught up and angered and demonizing the OTHER side of an issue (attack a friend or a loved one and see what kind of hell-cat I turn into) . I hope to have the strength of character to grow out of that and try to look at people as people, with good days and bad days and, just like everyone else, saying and doing things they regret later. I'm just hoping that when all is said and done, some of those friendships lost can rebuild, that some of those old enmities can be resolved. And that the North, principality or not, can be unified in spirit regardless of the banner we stand together under.

On another note, this may be just a silly idea, feel free to give opinions, but I am fairly thin skinned I'll warn you (though I may not always show it) please try to present it as constructive criticism. When I was a young girl (many moons ago) an organization I was in was trying to decide on a mascot. A contest was proposed. We all submitted designs and the whole group got to vote on the one we liked the best. Granted, this would not only have to be one people liked, but would have to be heraldicly correct and passable without conflicts, but if it meant enough to you to participate, you'd do the research right? We did something akin to this recently with the Ansteorran war anthem. Granted there weren't really any ill feelings surrounding it like there are here, but the idea was similar. Like I said, just a suggestion. The committee idea is valid, but depending on who is on the committee, with the finger pointing etc. that's already gone on, I'm afraid anything less than a populace vote is gonna stir up the 'well so n so was influenced by so n so to push for that symbol, yada yada yada ad infinitum.' Not to mention that those on the committee would have to deal with being accused of everything from conspiracy to eating their dead, and no one deserves that. (and if you want to be there you are a braver soul than I, my salute to your courage).

If we become a principality I'll support it and write songs about it and fly its banners. If we don't I'd like to think the same people who have fought hard to rally the north around regional pride will turn their efforts to rallying the people of the north around the Black Star rather than letting all that wonderful momentum fade. If the issue is truly about unity and pride and fanfare, it should be as well served by Ansteorra as by the northern region, don't lose sight of that or give up on that dream of fields where banners fly proudly and people sing songs of heroes. No matter what the banner, the songs should ring clear.

Take it for what it's worth,

<who freely admits that I am constantly learning and changing and making mistakes while doing it, like everyone else>

*whew* And that's all I really have to say on the subject. Thank the creative powers of the universe.


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