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ooooh...nice idea.

And what's wrong with the Irish?

HL Sibeal inghean ui Ruairc, which translates as 'Bella'

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> Xene here:
> On the commitee:
> Hmmmm... a commitee... perhaps a *herald* from every group(and a chicken
> every pot)!  Yes, that would be the traditional group of people to design
> and come up with potential heraldry for a Regional War Band....  I believe
> that several of the King's Regional War Bands are also working on similar
> heraldry.
> Having been around since Ansteorra was a Principality, and being active
> during the formation of a Kingdom, a Barony, a Shire, and a College, I
> like to offer the concept that you sit down and draft up about 10
> registerable badges and have the Kingdom Herald register them to the
> as badges.  After registering them, they can be published on the Kingdom
> Site, in newsletters and can be found at every Herald's table and heraldic
> commentary meeting for 6 months.  People could vote on the one they like
> most, then tabards can be made up for the War Band.  The other badges
> then be released.
> Gosh, I would love to see a regional War Band from the North come to Gulf
> War or Gothic War.  That would be a *Great* place to display regional
> heraldry (wouldn't be bad for regional unity either).  And if you can come
> up with a good Regional War Band badge, it would take much to turn it into
> Principality ensign.
> ((subliminal message here:  Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium July
> 14, 2001))
> On paperwork, politics, and procedures:
> Have any of you guys ever figured out that one of the reasons that a group
> has to document a place name (and agree on it) and you have to come up
> a non-conflicting heraldic design for a badge or device (and AGREE on it!)
> is a *wicked* plot by the powers-that-be, the B.O.D.?
> THEY are the few sinister deviants who have plotted and planned to
> with the wishes of the many.  I have labored long to figure out who truly
> are the BAD GUYS, the Evil Sinister manipulators of paperwork, who refuse
> operate and comply on the basis of innuendo and rumors!!!  I have seen
> in action at a B.O.D. meeting, going over *rules* and listening to all the
> *real crap* they have to deal with.
> If there is no possibility of a consensus from the paid membership, then
> matter how hard you wish, no matter how terribly you slander your
> and no matter how pretty the painted tabard, it won't be made a recognized
> branch in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
> *************WARNING***************
> This is an exercise in consensus building.
> Your wierd Byzantine friend,
> Xene
> p.s. The only side I'm on is the side of reason.  I like all of you.
> for Fionnagan.  He's *Irish* for God's sake!
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