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Tadhg tadhg at ou.edu
Tue May 15 23:46:16 PDT 2001

Greetings, everyone.

Burke wrote on Tuesday, May 15, 2001 11:06 PM:
>Here is a letter I am about to post.  What do you think.



>I have seen several people post this idea here lately and need to let
>everyone know how that part of the process works.


While the post was unintentional, I would like to thank Sir Burke for saving
me a lot of typing.  8^)

I was just putting together a post on the process for registering a regional
badge when your message arrived. I must say, it's gratifying to see that you
remembered most of the steps (with regard to the badge), which I related to
you at the Coronation of Jason and Saeraid based on efforts in An Tir and

There are, of course, a couple of minor modifications to allow registered
devices to be considered as well. If we only allowed for new devices to be
submitted, then the Griffin Star badge would be disqualified...which I do
not want to see happen.

The timeline I plan to use is: (1) initial submission - 2 months; (2) review
of submitted armory (to include allowances for mailing delays, conflict
and publication of accepted devices) - 1 month; (3) initial polling to
the set of devices to a final collection of three badges - 2 months; (4)
of polling results and publication of final survey - 1 month; (5) final
polling - 2 months; and, (6) evaluation of final polling and announcement of
final selection - 1 month.

Initial submissions will include both new armory (which must be registerable
the time of submission) or previously registered armory with a signed

All submissions will be processed by a committee of heralds, which I will

To approximate compliance with the SCA College of Arms Administrative
Section IV.C.5, we will need to conduct formal pollings of the paid members,
the results of the pollings will need to be certified by the regional
Hence, the need for allowing 2 months for each polling noted above.

This process is tentative until reviewed and approved by Star Principal
and the Crowns...though the schedule could be compressed somewhat if Star
and TRM so desire.

With any luck, we should have a new badge by next Pennsic.

Tadhg, Nordsteorra

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