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Wed May 16 05:45:52 PDT 2001

>Reply to Tadhg's email:
>>Burke wrote on Tuesday, May 15, 2001 11:06 PM:
>>Here is a letter I am about to post.  What do you

> <SNIP>

Since I am not on this list, it would have been nice to
have seen the original email instead of a second hand

>>I have seen several people post this idea here lately
>>and need to let everyone know how that part of the
>>process works.

I am assuming this came from Sir Burke's email. Not
sure really

>The timeline I plan to use is:
>(1) initial submission - 2 months
>(2) review of submitted armory (to include allowances
>    for mailing delays, conflict checking, and
>    publication of accepted devices) - 1 month
>(3) initial polling to reduce the set of devices to a
>    final collection of three badges - 2 months
>(4) evaluation of polling results and publication of
>    final survey - 1 month
>(5) final polling - 2 months
>(6) evaluation of final polling and announcement
>    of final selection - 1 month.

Hmmmmm... nine months to give birth to a regional
badge.... Possibly unavaoidable, but seems kinda long
to give birth to anything  ;-)

>All submissions will be processed by a committee of
>heralds, which I will chair.

See caveat later in this letter.

>To approximate compliance with the SCA College of Arms
>Administrative Handbook, Section IV.C.5, we will need
>to conduct formal pollings of the paid members, and
>the results of the pollings will need to be certified
>by the regional seneschale.
>Hence, the need for allowing 2 months for each polling
>noted above.

Here is where we finally get to the crux of this issue.
The 'regions' of Ansteorra are administrative and until
such time as TRM and the Kingdom Seneschal deem it
otherwise, this point is moot. The badge you are trying
to register is for an individual or group (as in
household, order, army, etc) not a kingdom group piece
of armoury. If TRM wish to recognize the newly
forming 'regional armies' as permenant recurring
entities, then a badge can be registered to the Kingdom
and made available for the 'regional army(s)'. As such,
the badge you all are trying to register is the sole
providence of either the leader(s), or the army in
general via their leader(s), to register a personal
badge and allow it's use for the army. If the submitter
(s) wish to poll the entire region to make the decision
as to what their personal badge will be, regardless of
what the end purpose of the badge is to be, that is
entirely up to them and can follow any timeline or
checking proceedure they wish prior to submission to
the CoH. The CoH's will them treat it like any other
submission and process it in a timely manner.

If the regional herald wishes to register a badge for
his office, that is up to him and I will have the last
say on approval of that badge in accordance with the
dignity and station of one of my deputy offices.

>This process is tentative until reviewed and approved
>by Star Principal Herald and the Crowns...though the
>schedule could be compressed somewhat if Star Principal
>and TRM so desire.

In summation, until TRM's Jason and Saereid and the
Kingdom Seneschal decide to change the administrative
regions into Landed regions or recognize the new armies
as permenant entities, the issue of having the entire
Northern region decide on what badge they want to use
for their army wears is entirely up to those who are in
charge of the army. The badge would not be a piece of
Kingdom armoury.

If such a change in the makeup of Ansteorra is proposed
and ratified, then the polling proceedures for groups
will apply and it will be filtered through the regional
herald as the region's heraldic representative.

If a personal or household badge has been passed and is
in use by a regional army, then it can be transferred
to the kingdom with TRM's and the Star Principal
Herald's approval if the individual or household wishes
to release it for such use.

Borek, Star

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