[Northern] traveling (was: Griffon-Principality-Nobles-Conflict-factions-et. All)

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Thu May 17 11:50:21 PDT 2001

Okay, time for my 2 cents. (Well, maybe 3.)

On 17 May 01, at 12:11, SusanTillery wrote:
> How do I say this.  Atenveldt was a principality for a year before it became a
> kingdom.  Ansteorra was a principality for two years be for it became a
> kingdom.  Calontir was a principality for three years be for it became a
> kingdom.

I'm sure someone who likes to keep track of these sorts of things can give
counter-examples of all the other principalities in the Known World.
Certainly, some have been formed with the explicit purpose of "someday
we'll become a Kingdom", and even likely some have been formed with
"maybe we'll become a Kingdom".  But likewise I'm sure there are plenty
who have zero interest in ever becoming a Kingdom.  While I'm in favor of a
northern principality (but I won't cry if we're not), I definitely don't want to
leave Ansteorra!  It's the best Kingdom in the world, you know. :)

> If the area could 'just' be a principality I might be in favor  of it but even that
> would mean that it would probably become more insular.  Fewer people would
> travel south fewer would travel north.  It could well become an invisible
> dividing line separating us from our brothers and sisters to the south.  We
> would become much poorer for that and I like to think the south would too.

The "invisible dividing line", to me, already exists, and it's called "200

I'm just somewhat reluctant to travel any further than that.  And yes, I know
this means that I don't get out to Brad Leah very often -- Texas isn't the only
big state around.  We *do* make an effort to travel outside of the North at
least once a year, if not several times (mostly to the Central region), and I
don't see that changing for my family, principality or no.

If there are people who wouldn't travel south as much, well, that's their loss!

Regarding gas prices, they go up, they go down.  I don't think this summer
will affect our travel plans in the slightest (but then, we've got breathing room
in our budget).  $10-20 either way just isn't going to be the deciding factor.

-Emma de Fetherstan

Jennifer Smith
jds at randomgang.com

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