[NR] RE: [Northern] Farewell

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Sat May 19 10:57:30 PDT 2001

As long as barn the sodomizer exists, according to Oklahoma Department of
Corrections Website, nothing will happen, after all we are Texas, and Texas
is great.... obviously the crown hours away know what is best... cause now
we can hurt "GOOD" people in order to support those who don't like the truth
which can be found as a matter of public record...

As well nothing will change as long as the 'crown' listens to the loudest
yet weakest argument...

Merrik or now Michael, cause I don't want to play with an organization that
promotes and protects the liars that we have as landed in norman and o.k.
city, or the chivalry who is obviously not chivalrous as seen by those who
actually play here in the North.  As well why would I want to be in a circle
of "peers" that embrace arrogance, lying, and physical threats???

If what I say pisses you off, maybe it is because it hits so close to

Michael Heydon
mdheydon at swbell.net

^ ^This is a huge shock.  I hope something happens to make you
^ ^reconsider, for I will miss you very much.
^ ^
^ ^You haven't failed in making the society a better place.
^ ^You have made it a better place.  I've enjoyed the benefits
^ ^of your efforts.  I was and am pleased to be your Provost
^ ^and more pleased to be your friend.
^ ^
^ ^Hawkins

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