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I definitely understand, & thanks Pug for taking on the rather unsavory job. A couple of my messages appear to have gotten lost in the shuffle. I have submitted them again, so if they appear twice, it's not because I'm being absentminded or repetitive; I just feel very strongly about having these responses posted.


From: Pug Bainter <pug at pug.net>
Date: 2001/05/19 Sat PM 11:38:56 EDT
To: northern at ansteorra.org
Subject: Re: [NR] Moderator

Burke McCrory (burkemc2 at home.com) said something that sounded like:
> I understand and agree with the reason for locking down the list, you had
> just left when I got to the practice and talked to JP.  But it would be
> helpful if either you or Debby would post a short note indicating the list
> is moderated and why.

Good Morning,

  Due to issues posted earlier that are uncalled for, if not slanderous,
  the mailing list was made moderated at the request of calmer heads.
  Things like this have not been tolerated as they are impossible to
  retract if they are not true. Even if the accusations are true, they
  do not belong in a public forum of a hopefully chivalrous society.

  Please take your issues to the individuals you have concerns with.
  Courts of "Public Opinion" are ugly and achieve no good.

  Since I was unable to contact the Northern Regional list owner, I have
  been acting as moderator until such time as they are contacted and
  allowed to decide if the moderation continues or not.

  The Crown, Heirs and Kingdom Seneschal have been informed of this act
  and my stance on the issue. Please feel free to contact myself or them
  if you have any concerns over my actions.

  NOTE: So far there has been only *one* message rejected from the
        Northern Regional list. This message cleary stated it was meant
        to be private and was accidently sent to the list. The sender of
        the message did not appear to have any issues with the rejection
        and has posted since.

In Service to the Kingdom,

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