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Sat May 19 21:17:37 PDT 2001

The "truth" being "found" has never been an issue. Barn's record IS public record, & has never been much of a secret. Barn is willing to talk about it with anyone who asks him about it. I have known about it for several years, since shortly after he began dating my sister. It caused me some concern, but after hearing his side, I decided (along with many other people, including members of both Peerages of which he has been made a member) to judge him by his current conduct in the SCA.

Barn has worked tirelessly on behalf of Barony, Region and Kingdom. I have witnessed nothing but chivalry and honor in his dealings with women (as though Kat would have married him were it otherwise!). Even if you do not believe as I do - that his conviction was unjust (again, if you want details, talk to Barn), the fact is that he served his sentance, which ended FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, and since then has done nothing even remotely similar to justify dredging the matter back up. He has made more than his share of mistakes in his past, but he has overcome a great deal to get where he is today, & I am very proud of him for that. Barn has EARNED the honors that he has recieved in the SCA. He is not perfect, but he has never claimed to be, and I strongly resent the efforts of certain individuals to demonize him and his Lady in an attempt to further their own political aims or private vendettas.

The question I would like answered is this: why is a "GOOD" person, a landed Baroness, doing criminal background checks on SCA members, including another landed Noble? I might be able to excuse just this as simple (if morbid) curiosity, although in Barn's case, she could have simply asked one of several people, but what possible reason could she have for sending information on a more than fifteen year old conviction to the Kingdom Seneschal? I ask: what is "GOOD" about this, and how is this intended to promote the "regional unity" that she claims to support so strongly?

Criminal background checks on individuals with opposing political views? I thought the initials were SCA, not KGB.


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