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Sun May 20 05:06:18 PDT 2001

Pug (and Lady Estril, the Northern list administrator)have always been scrupulously fair about allowing varying opinions to be heard. Merrick's sewage did not belong on a public list & was in all likelihhod one of the main reasons for the initiation of the moderation.

We are allowed to be controversial, but not vulgar or slanderous on a public list. There are ways for intelligent individuals to get their point across without resorting to either of these two dishonorable tactics.

This list, and its administration by Kindgom officials, is a privilege. It is highly useful to disseminate information quickly and to foster widespread discussion on a variety of issues. If the privilege is abused, it can be revoked. I'm certain that Pug had better things to do with his Saturday night than screen postings to make sure there was nothing on them the kids shouldn't see.

My thanks again, Pug, for taking on the task.


From: Angus Mac <angusmacn at yahoo.com>
Date: 2001/05/20 Sun AM 12:57:20 EDT
To: northern at ansteorra.org
Subject: Re: [NR] Moderator

who is to say what goes on the list...
if my opinions are valid, and PC but opposed to
popular opinion will they be allowed on the list.

who is to watch the watchers...

Angus MacKnochard

just wishing i stayed in Houston... the weather sucks
but the peeps are great.

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