[NR] A Public Challenge

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Sun May 20 10:32:07 PDT 2001

Michael Heydon wrote:

>Here, now, and my weapon choice is public record.

So be it. As I have said, the public record has never been intended to be a secret.

Yes, Hawkins, there is a rule about not fighting mad, & thank you and the other gentle who have so politely reminded me of this. My Lord and I were outraged by Michael's comments & could not think of any other way to express our outrage. Having made our feelings known to all on this list, & having recieved response from Michael indicating his desire to base the matter on public record (ie, the facts), it is not our intention to further pursue the combat challenge (which would have been contingent upon approval by the marshallate, anyway, something that I have been informed is not terribly likely).

Tempers have run high the last few days, & I have been as guilty of this as anyone. My thanks to those who have maintained calmer heads.


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