[NR] Wonderful time down south....

Jennene Stanley mooharpist at mmcable.com
Sun May 20 16:52:18 PDT 2001


    I just got back from Loch Guardian. Although pleasantly exhausted, I
wanted to drop a line in praise of the hospitality of the people in that
area of Kingdom. Being the keeper of the Abbey's carrier pigeons (really
*big* pigeons), I was very privileged to be courier of the wonderful peerage
scroll that the Abbey made for the Laureling of Generva Rodney (please
excuse my spelling).

    Although the weather was quite warm, I had a wonderful time. There was
much singing, music, feasting, friendly people, and those things which
defines the SCA. I will certainly made a concerted effort to journey south

Vivat the Kingdom of Ansteorra!

Jennene Stanley
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