[NR] And now for some thing completely different (lost and found at Beltaine)

Owen owenstott at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 12:10:18 PDT 2001

 Hi all
 the items found at beltaine are

 a green folding camp chair with bag
 a black folding camp chair with red bag
 a trenching tool (old us army type)
 a throwing axe with scabbard(please describe
 one ceramic mug
 one aluminum glass bottom mug
 a pillow

 Many Thank you's to all who came out to Beltaine.
 you made it one of the best one ever.
 And Many Many Thank you's to all of you who work
 so hard to make Beltaine such a great event.

 Thank you for you time

 Owen (the bear)

It's not easy being green.

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