Carla Glenn cianaoh at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 17:44:12 PDT 2001

I must agree with Angus on this one!!  The Southern Hospitality has
been GREAT!!  All down here knew we were from Northkeep and they
treated us wonderfully!!  When they found out we were moving back ...
some even said they would miss us.  And I have to agree with him on the
two guys he is talking about...I hope you know who you are!!

This whole North v. South thing has to STOP!!  I now understand why the
people from the south do not come up much....the drive SUCKS people!!
Trust me....we have been down here 8 months!!!  When we left Northkeep
we said we would be back up at least once a month...that DID NOT

I just hope that since the Crown has announced that they will meet with
the populace of Northkeep (and the Canton) at Castellan...alot of this
will be settled then!!

Okay enough babbling for now....


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