Angus Mac angusmacn at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 16:46:14 PDT 2001

I have to agree...

I am by no account an easly likeably guy most that
know me little will say I am an ASS and I am until you
know me better.

I recently was forced to balance my kahrma wheel by
spending 8 months in pergatory... I mean HOUSTON...

Everyone I met there was polite and even friendly. In
fact I met 2 of the best bud a guy could ask for

In my short more visit I met more people who
personafied the dream than in my previous 14 years and
3 kingdoms.

> I hereby challenge everyone in this region who
> percieves there to be a "war
> of aggression and occupation" to attend at least two
> southern events.  Do
> not go with a chip on your shoulders, go with an
> open mind.  Go to
> socialize, go to dance, go to sing, go do what makes
> the SCA a great place.
> --
> Lord Thomas of Weathershear

now i have to disagree hear.
go with a chip, go just to fight, go JUST to pick a
fight.  I'll bet you come with a different point of

these are just the near sober ramblings of a
???reformed??? deviant reciently released from near

Angus MacKnochard

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