[NR] Lord Ivar's words

dirgelion d' dirgelion at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 21:21:10 PDT 2001

> My lord Ivar,
> I have never posted anything to the list before, but
> your words left me with things that I felt needed to
> be said.
> You would have us believe that those in the South
> are
> our "enemy". From where I sit, that is just not
> true.
> You see, my family has played this game for almost 5
> years. During that time, we have received love and
> friendship from people all over the kingdom. When my
> son competed in his first bardic, Lady Elenor
> O'Roark
> stood up and made sure to invite him to Elfsea for
> their 1st children's bardic. Even tho he was from
> the
> north. And when he was awarded his Rising Star,(from
Barn, a king from the North), the
> medallion he received, came from Lady Mariam, who
> from the south.  And when we got word at 20th year
> that we had lost our house in a fire, it was not
> only
> the people from the north that stood in line
> offering
> whatever support that they could give, no one asked
> where we were from before they donated all sorts of
> money, clothing, furniture etc. And what about the
> people who drove all the way from Houston with a
> trunk
> load of kitchen items for us...another couple came
> from Dallas...Would you have me believe that these
> people simply had nothing better to do for the
> weekend?
> Well, I just can't do it. Maybe I am an optimistic
> goofball, but I refuse to believe the geographic
> boundaries dictate if someone is good or bad...As
> far as I am concerned, Ansteorra is my home. And
> those
> who live within her boundaries are my family. Even
> you.
Eternally optomistic,
> Dirgelion d'Aubigny

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