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Sun May 20 22:26:09 PDT 2001

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       I wanted to make a brief explanation concerning my recent reply to Ld.
Ivar.  Some might think it inconsistent with my earlier posts appealing to
peoples better natures.  Well, I did spend much of last week trying to
encourage, cajole, plead and even shame people into stopping the hate.  But
some people just won't be stopped.  Ld Ivar posted here to try and revive the
old North Vs South conflict.  As if we didn't have enough problems without
exhuming that old joy sucking vampire.  No matter how much you plead with
them not to some people just have to try and make things worse.
       I pledged that I would not stand silent while people tore down my
Dream and hurt people I cared about.  I meant it.  Clearly appealing to his
better nature didn't work, another approach was called for.  I thought that
ridicule was the proper hammer to drive the stake back through the heart of
this particular vampire.  I hope that by pointing out the obvious absurdity
of his position it will make people reluctant to join it.  It's hard to get
people to follow you when you look like an idiot.
       There is an old maxim that Silence = Consent.  When we remain silent
to this kind of crap we give our consent for it to continue.  I don't give my
consent to resurrecting this useless old argument.  It's a stupid argument.
       It's so much easier to blame our problems on someone else but the sad
truth of the matter is that the problems in the North were caused here in the
North and we are the ones who have to fix them.  We can't fix them until we
accept that they are our problems to fix.  However much he might want to the
King down in Huston can't fix our problems.  They were here before he took
the throne and they will be here after he is gone.
       I don't deny anyone the right to express themselves.  I can't and
wouldn't if I could.  But with the right to express yourself comes the duty
to do so responsibly.  If you choose to express yourself by posting lies and
hate and trying to tear us apart I will use my right and express just what I
think of that.
       I believe that the vast majority of us here on the list and in
Ansteorra want to play nice.  To stop the bickering and get back to the fun.
But we have to let the hatemongers know that we won't let them kill our dream.
       There's a new Robert in town folks.  Get used to it.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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