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Meabhdh and I had discussed starting to travle south in order to get more
Southern Knights to notice me. But with these prices, looks like we will have
to put that off for a while.

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>From: Burke McCrory
>With gas at $1.70 a gallon and the prospect of it
> > increasing to over $2.00 a gallon (some predict $2.50) this summer are
> > having to cut back? Is it really affecting your decisions as to which
> > events to attend and which to pass on? I am just curious.
> >
> > Sir Burke
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>For me and mine, I can tell you it will have a dramatic impact. When we
>day-trip we take the Lumina sedan but it only gets about 23 mpg. Johann's
>seastead (I'm dreading the gas to Lilies) only gets about 11 with or without
>the trailer. We will only be going to events close (an hour or so?) to
>home. Especially vexing, since I wanted to attend the coronation of Duncan
>and Larissa. Sigh. And, honestly, the new mortgage will curb our driving
>for a while.
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