[NR] Re: [Northern] War Practice vs. Wastelands' Demo

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Tue May 22 06:30:31 PDT 2001

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When is the demo? And which practice are you interested in attending? I know
that the heavy weapons practice will not be held this weekend to give people a
chance to travle for Memorial Day. If there is enough interest, someone could
always put together an unofficial practice.

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>Subject: [Northern] War Practice vs. Wastelands' Demo
>Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 13:27:05 -0600
>It is very late, but I brought this up before:
>Is there any way to hold the practice in Wastelands
>(approximately one hour from Moonshadow) in order to support
>the demo and still hold the practice?
>It doesn't seem neccessary to cut the legs out from under
>two good activities.
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