[NR] A few of my Favorite Things, ..er People (long)

Xenos Makellares Xenos at crazedcamel.com
Tue May 22 23:42:38 PDT 2001

I can also speak well of her excellency, Countess Elizabeth. She just
stepped down as Black Lion Herald of AnTir and was a considerable help to
all who asked.

I also think highly of HE Sigen, being one of the first to warmly welcome me
to Ansteorra and Northkeep. I amazed me how much she cared and did for both
Northkeep and Ansteorra.

Back home, those who personify the dream for me include Baroness Dame Rowan,
my pelican who is an inspiration to those of us who work our butts off.
Baroness Amanda of the Barony of Lions Gate who personifies the SCA in all
she does.
Baron Haakon Haakersson, Leader of the AnTir 7th Cav and a man that should
have been made a peer eons ago.
HL Aaron of the Black Mountains, Master chirurgeon, Armourer, a model of
chivalry and mentor.  Another who should have been made a Pelican years ago.

My inspirations include:
Lady Sergeant Ekaterina, a good friend, a incredible bard, and a heck of a
Lady Cadet Gabrielle, one of my best friends and my reality check
Regan O'Carolyn, the chatelaine of my household who keeps me on the right

I love the dream and I hate when it gets dashed for stupid reasons.

In Service,
It was written:

Seems we might have some history in common. The Queen who inspired me to do
Elizabethan Costuming was Elisabeth du Rossignol in Calontir.

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