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Derryk Carr derrykcarr at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 06:53:25 PDT 2001

Okay, here is my two cents worth.
    I have heard (read) a lot of what has been battered around and I just
wanted to add some food for thought.

  We have now heard (read) about Sir Barns past and how he has already paid
his debt to society. We all know that he is a different person than when he
committed the offence in question. We have also heard/read
of how Sigen used her contacts to do a back ground check on Sir Barn
"just to check it out".

  The issue at hand is is not why she did it, but that she did it without
getting Sir Barns approval. I have been in business long enough to know that
it is Illegal to perform a back ground check on ANY individual, for what
ever reason, with out a signed consent from that individual. That is why
this is such a big deal.

   I am sure that if she had a signed consent form from Sir Barn, this whole
thing would not have gone this far. I have known Thorgrim and Sigen for
almost as long as they have been playing this game. Oh, By the way, IT IS A
GAME, there are rules to every game, including this one. I am sure that the
society, as well as the kingdom, support any and all mundane laws as well.

  Sorry, back to the point. Thorgrim and Sigen will be missed. In the end
Change is always inevitable. this does not mean that we have to like it. We
just have to deal with it.

   I am sure that I will get replies from this missive, but that is what
happens when you submit to an open forum. Please feel free to reply
privately if you desire. Or we can continue this in the open.

Long live the Dream,
HL Aldric de Kerr
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