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Robert this was so beautiful, thank you.


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>I'm tired of talking about depressing things.  We need a new topic here.
>Something that lets us say nice things about each other.  So here goes.  I
>hope others will share their list.
>        Over the years there have been individuals who to me were the
>embodiment of the peerages.  People who to me were the ideal of what those
>peerages should be.  Oddly enough most of them were not members of the
>that they represented in my heart.
>        For years the man who embodied SCA knighthood to me was Conn McNeil
>Calontier.  I thought so even before he was knighted.  For those who don't
>know him, his skills as a fighter were amoung the best I've ever seen.  I
>wanted one day to see him take the field against Michael of Monmouthshire.
>It would have been the stuff of legend.  He is a man of enormous charm and
>grace.  When he speaks to you he makes you feel like the most important
>person on site.  He was my hero.  At a Grimfells Passage at Arms he spen
>whole day fighting every challenger with their choice of weapons and when
>entered the field He made you feel that he was deaply honored to be meeting
>you on that field.  After a day of fighting at the end of the feast he
>brought out a tub of water and washed everyones feast gear.  He is also an
>execellent bard.  If it hasn't changed since I was last there you can't
>across a Calontier encampment at night and not hear a Conn McNeil song
>sung.  The finest bardic performane I have ever witnessed was Conn McNeil
>part of the Interkingdom Bardic Project at Interkingdom V.  (I really miss
>Interkingdom).  He was on the Calon throne during the crises with the BoD
>several years back and led with widsom, restraint and solid good sense.
>        Sir Conn moved away several years back and after a bit I found
>another, closer to home, who has come to represent the ideals of Knighthood
>to me.  That man is Galen of Bristol.  Spend some time talking with Sir
>and you will be in no doubt why he is a Lion of Ansteorra.  In his words
>bearing he positivly radiates honor and integrity.  There's something
>than life about him.  In court the evening he became Premier Bard of
>Ansteorra he performed a poem he had written that perfectly summed up
>everything I had felt about how our wars with the Outlands ended.  That
>is why I will never join in with a cry of "Death to Trimaris".  How can we
>show our greatness without a great foe to test ourselves against?
>        For as long as I have had a clear concept of what a Laurel is the
>person who has embodied that image for me has been Robin of Gilwell.  I
>thought so for many, many years before he was made a member of that order.
>He may well be our finest bard.  As a bard he is the standard I measure
>myself against, and always come up lacking.  When he speaks stop and
>He is almost always going to be saying something worth hearing.  I don't
>anyone who can better slice through the BS and get right to the heart of an
>issue.  I've long admired Sir Barn but my opinion went up another notch or
>two when almost the first thing he did upon taking the throne was announce
>that they were making Robin a Laurel.
>        For years now the person who embodied the ideal of a Pelican for me
>has been Sigen Fridreksdottir, though she is not a member of that order.  I
>don't know of anyone who has worked harder and given more of herself for
>kingdom than Sigen.  We are greatly diminished in loosing her.  It was my
>hope that if I were ever judged worthy to be a peer that Sigen would speak
>for me on behalf of the Pelicans.
>        The Lions of Ansteorra represent the best of us. Those who best
>represent the ideals of our society.  The man who in my heart will always
>THE Lion of Ansteorra was not a member of that order.  That man is William
>Blackfox.   I count myself fortunate to have been his friend and feel sorry
>for those who never had the chance to know him.  He was the best of us.
>        I can't decide who was my favorite King.  Mahadi or Aleric.  I'm
>to have followed both of them to Gulf War.  And I have to say I loved them
>both for the same reason.  They made this FUN!   And they made it fun
>they were having fun.
>        The poem Mahadi performed calling Ansteorra to arms is one of my
>favorite memories in the SCA.  I felt nice to have the King and Queen come
>join the bardic circle after court.  It ment so much to me to recieve my
>from a King and Queen who I admired and my Crown and as fine bards.   I was
>so proud when Mooneschadowe and Northkeep were chosen as the first group to
>recieve the King's Battle Ribbon.  Proud of what we had accomplished
>and proud to recieve it from that king.
>        Aleric at Gulf War.  If you were there I don't need to say more.
>you were not there, words are not enough.  Every time you saw him he had
>biggest smile on his face.  He was having the time of his life and you
>couldn't be around him and not have a good time too.  Never before had I
>the urge to grab people and say "Look!  That's My King!"
>        I have no trouble choosing my favorite Queen.  Sarah Penrose.
>grace, charm, elegance, these are just your first impressions.  Then you
>with her and realize that she is just the nicest person.     Her taking the
>time before court to give her encouragement and support to me as I prepared
>to herald my first court ment a lot to me.  Forever burned into mu memory
>the picture of her satnding on the big stage at 2oth year as she took leave
>of her champion and took the White Scarf from her shoulder.  I'm wept, as
>most of the people around me.  When I think of a Queen I think of Sarah.
>It's past my bedtime, (again)  I'll continue this later.  Let's hear form
>others please.
>Robert the sleepy
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