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Tim Goins timgoins at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 23:43:00 PDT 2001

I am horrible with dates, no, I mean horrible at remembering dates... no that's not what I mean.
Uhm, I can't remember the date of the event, but I do remember a special night at Loch Wind
(Marlow, OK) while Bear and Catherine were on the thrones.  It was Bear's custom to collect and
give away teddy bears, and he had one of his own, I guess to rule over the other teddy bears.
Well a few of us conspired and aided by a squire of his (Lothar?), had "borrowed Bear's bear" a
couple of weeks before the event.  Momma Gwen made garb, and I made a miniature Ansteorran crown
and white belt. When crowned, the little bear smiled. My lady made a favor for his belt and took
photographs of the little royal bear with a monarch butterfly on the crown.  At Loch Wind we
smuggled the little bear into the entourage in a basket.  During Court King Bear arose and
bestowed an award on a member, and upon turning found the little bear sitting in the throne! The
King was confused by this and picking up the litle bear, sat down and placed the little bear on
the regalia box next to him.  The next gentle called into court... was Blackfox.  William knelt
and answered all of the King's questions, but was addressing the little bear! The King went on
until finaly Blackfox asked the little bear "Your Majesty, why are you sitting on that box?"  That
award was Blackfox's Court Barony. It was also the last time I saw Master Don Robin play the
jester in court, "vying" with Puck.  It was also the night of the mass Brass Hat dunkings, and
Blackfox giving Pepin a piggy-back ride out of Court, but someone else can tell that story...I
suddenly couldn't see too well.

Ld. Andrew Selwyn

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