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I was remembering back to some of the more interesting misadventures in my
16 years in this game.

1) Inter-Kingdom- We were watching the morning line up for the fighters. I
remember one of the newbe Calontir fighters decided to fight one of our lady
fighters, thinking it would be an easy kill. The lady fighter was our first
Queen by right of arms, Rowan.

2)The infamous Beltaine when, after dipping spangs in water then hurling
them about, the Barony itself was dipped in water and hurled about by a huge
squall line of thunderstorms. I remember trying to get some sleep and no
matter what position I was in, a drop of water would find my left knee. That
was the last night I ever spent in a dome tent.

3) Receiving my Iris from Richard and Anne. I was pregnant with Curtis at
the time and could barely fit into my garb.  Later at Norman Med-fair, Abdul
(sp?) offering to do a caesarian with that huge sword of his.

4) My husband was a sports trainer in college. He was giving one of those
"squeeze the lactic acid out of the muscles" massages to Duke Michael the
day after a heavy fighting day. Michael fell asleep. Abdul came along and
attached a "Sex a Duke" sign to the table. The amounts of 25 cents, 15
cents, and 10 cents had been marked down so that the remaining amount was 5
cents. He then took a picture with Michael on the table (still asleep) with
a long line of fighters with spears, dogs, women, horses....... you get the
picture. All with Michaela egging everybody on.

I could go on and on.
Jennene Stanley
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