[NR] Aero Beds?

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Air mattresses are nice as they take up less transport space,but
tend to go flat if a leak occurs which has happened with every
one I ever had.  The built in air pump is cool but if the mattress
goes bad can you transfer it to another mattress?
Air mattresses are great for hot weather but you can freeze in
cold weather unless you do some serious insulation between you
and the mattress.  Also remember the built in pump probably
requires a power source and if it needs 110 volt that would be
a problem at many SCA sites.

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Has anyone ever tried those Aero beds?  I have seen them advertised for
years, but have been too much of a scrooge to spend the money on them.  I
was wondering if anyone had and if they were worth it.

Here is the blurb from www.sportsmansguide.com

		It's also great for vacation homes, cabins, dorm rooms or
anywhere you need a extra bed. It uses a specially 	patented method to
inflate in just one minute and deflates in 15 seconds. Plus, you can adjust
the firmness with the One-	Touch(tm) comfort control... allowing for
individual comfort. Packs away in its own duffel bag for easy carry and

		Constructed of heavy gauge PVC with electronically welded
seams to really stand the test of time. The optional 	polyester / cotton
mattress Cover is thick, washable and adds an extra blanket of cushion.
Imported. Buy yours ONLINE 	Today... you and your guests will sleep

Opinions, Comments, Suggestions?


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