[NR] A few of my Favorite Things

Ivo Blackhawk ivo_blackhawk at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 08:14:01 PDT 2001

My favoriute things; well, actualy I am going to keep my stories short, as a
mater of fact, Ill let others tell them for me, as my time is very shot at
the moment.

Ask Sir Burk about the "court Fool" Incident. ;)

-that was where I learned how dangerous ducktape could be-

...and ask Robert about Bardic at W. Baronial 2 years ago ;)

-oh, Elanor O'Roark was there too, I'm sure she would be happy to tell about
how Robert and I opened the compeititon with a BIG bang!-

These are but a few of my favorite events, and it is for moments like those
that I keep playing.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Norther Regional Bard
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