[NR] I made a mistake...

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 10:30:18 PDT 2001

Ok I made a mistake It was supposed to have been a
private email. Something happened between my ADDress
Book and the send, What I have no idea. But instead of
being sent to a friend of mine (who shall remain
nameless) it went to the list. I in no way ment
offense to the Prince and Princess. The bet was made
jokeingly and will be collected the same way. In this
game we play some people take it way too seriously. I
care about the sca and well for me to make a mistake
and then people jump all over me without finding out
what was going on?? And then to also call me names??
Shesh you dont even know me. I read the NR list but
have only posted on it once a second time by accident.
And as to who I am and how long I have played.. I have
been a paying member for 9 years and been playing for
11 years. I have played in 2 different kingdoms and
been a event hound. Now If I have offended you by my
being me I do apologize but... Since I am apologizeing
how about you who have responded to my mistake. I have
already sorted this out with The Princess. And I have
apologized to her. If you have taken offens email me
privately and if you feel the need i will apologize to
each seperatly.


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