[NR] I made a mistake...

Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at ossm.edu
Wed May 23 19:52:58 PDT 2001

> Since I am apologizeing how about you who have
> responded to my mistake. I have already sorted this
> out with The Princess. And I have apologized to her.
> If you have taken offens email me privately and if you
> feel the need i will apologize to each seperatly.

Making a mistake (like posting a private reply to a public list) is
no big deal - right up until you hurt someone.  Whether the
insult was intentional or not, it *was* public and it was to
Ansteorra's Princess.  It may just be my opinion, but I think the
courteous and honorable thing would have been to apologize to her in
the same forum where the insult was delivered.

I've seen your name attached to many posts in the past few days
(albeit on another public list).  I felt many of those posts were
highly insulting to our King.  I suppose when I saw your post I saw
it as yet another public slap in the face of our royalty.  If it was
not intended as such then I apologize for inferring otherwise.

No noble or peer of the realm (especially one in fealty) should sit
idly by and watch while our Crown or Coronet are publicly insulted.
I understand that emotions are high right now and some wish to
express their displeasure.  However, there are far more respectful
and effective ways of doing so than throwing gasoline on an already
burning fire.

Lastly, if defending my Crown or their Heirs can be construed as
taking this game far too seriously, then I'm certainly guilty and not
at all ashamed to be so.


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