[NR] A few of my Favorite Things

Theresa Kwasny thkwasny at cox-internet.com
Fri May 25 14:45:35 PDT 2001

While I have many happy memories within the Society, I'd like to share one
memory of something not done at an event, but a good deed done in the name
of the SCA and friendship:

The place and time was Camp Dakani, after the tornado hit it.  Many of us
helped with the clean-up.
The group Tim and I were cleaning up with included Their Excellencies
Thorgrim and Sigen, and Their Excellencies Barn and Kat, among others.  It
was very hard work, but we all laughed, talked and had fun as we cleared
away the twisted remains that were once beautiful trees.  The feeling of
camaraderie was incredible.
They were all people that I respected tremendously (and still do), but after
that wonderful, hot, sweaty, dirty, glorious day  I considered them all my
friends as well.

HL Therese Maria Giovanni

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