[NR] A few of my Favorite Things, ..er People (long)

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I've been reading these responses and trying to think of a way to join in
the love:-)
I've been playing this game an amazing (to me) 17 yrs now.  Longer than I've
done anything else in my life.  I have so many memories I hold dear, the
first time I ever heard my clan brother Master Blackfox pipe, laying in the
tent and hearing the sounds of armor rattling outside (before I had even
started fighting myself), the first time I ever fought and realizing "hey I
can do this!"  Many more that could take forever for me to type, at my speed
anyway.  I think one of the things that I have enjoyed most and continue to
enjoy, is watching people discover for themselves the magic that can be
found in this fine organization.  As I have read some of the things people
have to say it is such a pleasure to hear you all share that with one
another.  That's how we keep the dream alive and create more magic for
others in the future.  It's good stuff, important stuff, someday these dark
times will also be memories to share and grow from.  Now I better get off
here I'm getting misty :-}

In Service to the Dream,
Sir Balvin Thorfinnsson
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> I have so many fond memories that often remind me why it is that I play
> game. I would like to share a few (hope it doesn't bore you *grin*).
> Most of my earliest memories center around the lake Taylor site. This is
> where I forged many good friendships and had some of my best times.
> 1) Running around until late in the night (early in the morning) with
>    Arianne, Jevon, and Adessa laughing and giggling and drinking our
>    favorite stuff. Going from camp to camp listening to bardic,
>    drumming, and the general good time had by all.
> 2) Ceridwen showing me what fun the water can be at night with moonlight
>    shining on the water and somthing called ...uummmm.....eeekkk....
>    yea, that's it.
> 3) Camping with all my friends, seemed everyone had their favorite spot,
>    you knew just where to find them. And even if you didn't, all you had
>    to do was stroll down the road and you were sure to find them
> 4) Entering my first A&S display and being given my first peice of
>    largess by Baroness Caitlin (somthing I still get teary-eyed over).
>    And Baron Pepin teaching me how to throw a knife, and being very
>    patient with me even thought I wasn't getting any better.
> 5) Meeting this charming guy ....ummmm...I think his name was Shawn...
>    uhhhmmmm, I mean Asoph.
> 6) Baroness Stacia and Baroness Brigetta teaching me that there was so
>    much more to this game than just running around in funny clothes.
>    They taught me to contribute to this game not only through Arts
>    and Sciences but by working so that others might enjoy the game
>    as much as I had.
> I am sure there are others of you that have just as many fond memories of
> Lake Taylor as I do. Many of us (from the North, South, Central, Coastal
> Western Regions) have shared some very good times there. These are just a
> few of the memories that have kept me playing this game for such a long
> time.
> Thank you to all you who have contributed to so many wonderful memories.
> Baroness Michelle Chantal de Charente
> Northern Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences
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> >Subject: RE: [NR] A few of my Favorite Things, ..er People (long)
> >Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 10:24:12 -0500
> >
> >Seein's how the people thing has been done, I'm going to tell of my most
> >memorable events.  (I have to be different, just like everyone else... )
> >:-)
> >
> >First one would definitely have to be the last Interkingdom that
> >held, hosted by Mooneschadowe.  Many, many fond memories of mine come
> >that event.  I even wrote a paper about it in my high school English
> >I was Gunhilda's page then and she was the autocrat, so I got to follow
> >around and look official.  She even let me carry a walkie-talkie!  :)  I
> >didn't really know what to do until given this advice by Rhiannon, "Make
> >sure you always know where she is, help her when she needs it, and make
> >eat and rest every few hours."  So, I did.  All weekend (it was a
> >event) I followed Gunny around and put food in her hand for her to eat
> >made sure she had help whenever she needed.
> >
> >Court at that event was exciting for me, I got to stand behind Baron
> >(who was sitting in *my* chair) and hold his banner the entire time
> >was sitting next to him).  I also got my AoA at that event.  I remember
> >reaching for the banner and wondering why I didn't get to hold it anymore
> >when I heard my name called by the herald.  I was quite surprised and
> >embarrassed, but fumbled through okay (I think).  Unfortunately, that was
> >not all I would be subjected to during that court.  About halfway
> >this boy comes running up to me with an orange with a whole bunch of
> >stuck in it (remember, I am holding the banner behind Pepin, who was
> >holding
> >court).  I had no idea what to do.  This person was down on one knee and
> >holding a piece of fruit up to me!  Gunny explained the whole thing, how
> >you
> >are supposed to take a clove in your lips and kiss the person who gave it
> >to
> >you, passing the clove to them.  I was extremely embarrassed.  Pepin
> >me though.  He told me to just take the orange and give the boy a peck on
> >the head. Whew!  Everyone had a good laugh, except me, and court went on.
> >I
> >was to later find out who put Sarmasia's boy (for the life of me I can't
> >remember his name) up to this.  Barn just loves to embarrass people and
> >make
> >them laugh.  It was an entertaining court, to say the least.  :)
> >
> >Also at that event, there was an auction to raise money for Talen and
> >Treschen when their child died.  I did not know them at the time, but
> >everyone else did and were very sad for them.  I remember helping clean
> >kitchen after feast on Sunday afternoon when the auction started.  I went
> >out and watched for a bit with Lady Kathleen.  The last item to be
> >auctioned
> >was a Viking sword that Gunny donated.  She had run the auction up til
> >then,
> >but left when her sword went on the block.  Barn took over for her.  I
> >Kathleen that I would buy it and give it back to Gunny if I had enough
> >money, but instead some guy that I didn't know bought it. I went back to
> >the
> >kitchen after that, gathered up my feast gear and headed back to camp.
> >I
> >was leaving out the back door, Barn came and asked me if I had seen
> >For the first time the entire weekend, I had to say no.  I hadn't seen
> >since she left the auction.  I kept going back to camp and, as I rounded
> >the
> >corner to the front of the hall, Fiona called to me and asked if she
> >talk to me after I took my stuff back to camp.
> >
> >After dropping my stuff off, I headed back to the front of the feast
> >As I was getting there, I saw Gunny writing a check to the man who had
> >bought her sword.  I was confused.  Even more so when the man gave Gunny
> >her
> >sword in exchange for the check.  I arrived in front of her and Fiona
> >as the man was leaving.  Gunny turned to me and said, "Here, I want you
> >have this."  I couldn't help it.  I just started crying.  I tried to tell
> >her no and give it back to her, but she just wouldn't have any of it.  I
> >know how much that sword meant to her.  I heard her and Barn talking
> >it.  I still can't believe that she gave it to me.  I carried it around
> >rest of the weekend (even though it was a bit too long and would touch
> >ground sometimes).  I used to take it with me to every SCA event and wear
> >it
> >around.  I haven't done it lately.  But, I think I will start again.  It
> >makes me remember the good times I had with everyone at that event.
> >I
> >may have grown that extra inch so that it won't be hitting the ground all
> >the time now.  :)
> >
> >Whew!  That was a bit longer than I expected.  It just started flowing
> >after
> >I got started....  I'll save the other story of my second most
> >event for another time.  It'll give me time to remember all of it also...
> >something about calling a knight an a#@hole while being called up in
> >court... hehe   Anyone else remember?  ;-)
> >
> >Gilyan
> >
> >PS - For those of you who got this far - Feel free to give JP a hard
> >During his post on this same subject, he broke the one rule I made when I
> >moved to Calontir.  He made me cry while at work.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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