[NR] Med Fair Thank You's From Liaison

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Tue Apr 9 12:38:53 PDT 2002

Greetings All!

I just have to say thanks again to everyone who did such a wonderful job at Med Fair.

People kept telling me to relax, "Med Fair runs itself" and it really does.  People kept asking me if my head was twisting off and I have to be honest -- Med Fair was one of the easiest events I have ever had the honor of trying to coordinate.  So, all the horror stories of Med Fair Liaisoning are untruths! (Don't anyone contradict me, I'm recruit for next year!).  Who is signing up to Liaison next year -- it's easy!!  =0)

For everyone in A&S (please ignor spelling -- go with phonics to find your name! -- Rane, Kadesha (sp?), Annabelle, Anya, Agnes and all those I didn't see take turns -- you were dreams.  Never even heard a peep out of you all!

Kassia and Ettiente and those who helped in the Hospitaler area -- you were all wonderful.  I could always find one of you to point an interested person too!

Kylie - VIVAT - never heard a peep out of the rug rats so I know you did a wonderful job.  Everytime I looked around the corner they were following you around like you were the Pied Piper.

To the fabulous rope walkers -- Ungus, Ulfie, Kylie, Deenie, Rostislav, Annais, Claryce and those who I saw but don't know yet --- WOOOO HOOOO!!  Totally impressed that you so willing want to share the dream and do it so well!

Ah, the heavy weapons fighters -- thank you for showing up and showing off -- what a beautiful job you did.  Also, thanks for the courtly language on the field, the girls were drooling and swooning!

To the quick-footed rapier community -- VIVAT!  Wow, I know I was impressed with the numbers and the talent.  Thank you for your time and the great garb you all have!

To all of our visiting volunteers from Weisenfeuer, Northkeep, Moonschadowe, Rivers Run, Rundel, Stargate, Steppes -- the day was yours ... thank you for all you did for the SCA in support of Namron at Medieval Fair!

To our visiting Barons and Baronesses -- thank you so much for coming and adding to the pagentry and adding your helping hands where ever they were needed from the list field to A&S to sitting in the cold looking regal!

To our own Baron and Baroness and our past Barons and Baronesses, Gwenyth and Abdul and Claryce and Aethelstan -- your efforts, experience and kind words were a great help!

To Tribe and House Lost Moon -- Ace, William, Richard, Chris, Puck and all you "closet and honorary Tribe members" thanks from the bottom of my heart for sticking it out with me and always being their to lend a hand and be my gophers.

Meraud -- we would have all suffered greatly without your time and attention to the hospitality tent.  Owen, thank you for all your assistance and hot coffee.  Annabelle -- I'm moving in with you if I can have those roles every morning!

Tadhg -- Thank you a hundred times over -- you said we would survive it and we did!  Next time we should be a long boat on site just in case!  You were wonderful and went above and beyond continually.

Well, gang -- I hope I haven't forgotten anyone but if I did consider yourself thanked!  Every single volunteer made me look good, all I did was coordinate parking passes!


In Service and In Awe of My New Friends,

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