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Tue Apr 23 14:56:25 PDT 2002

Unto Valstarr, and All the Northern List:

  Greetings and thanks for your interest in Wastelands Games.  This is
our "really fun" event.  We tend to move at a very casual pace.    We have a
number of day-trippers and typically things don't get started until mid-day.
Except, of course, for those intrepid souls who will begin the day's
festivities with fishing and/or golf.  Games--in keeping with our theme--does
not have a "tournament" per se.  We do host a rousing game of Bouskazi (sp?)
which was traditionally played mounted and with the severed head of an enemy.
We in the Wastelands use Fluffy for our version of Bouskazi or "Sheep Ball."
(For the uninitiated, think Heavy Weapons meets Oklahoma football).  Form your
teams or feel free to join one on site.  We're bringing the sheep for this time-
honored Wastelands tradition!  There will also be Rapier scenarios, Archery,
Knife, Axe & Spear throw and a gaming tournament hosted by House Wizard's
Keep.  Arts & Sciences is by popular aclaim.  There will be a seated feast in
the evening.

  Any other questions feel free to ask me or contact the Honorable Lord Aldric
de Kerr, our Event Steward at derrykcarr at hotmail.com

See you at the event!



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