[NR] FW: Wiesenfeuer Baronial Bardic Competition

David Salyer DSalyer at climatemaster.com
Wed Aug 7 05:55:37 PDT 2002

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> Greetings to all area Bards, Skalds, Jonguelars, Troubadours, etc.
> The Wiesenfeuer Baronial Bardic Championship will occur at Baronial this
> year
> ... scheduled for Labor Day Weekend.
> The competition will probably take place Saturday afternoon (August 31st,
> 2002), and will be broken into two (2) rounds ...
> First Round ... a piece (your choice of style) that you have never
> performed
> before an SCA audience.
> Second Round ... a "showcase" piece (your choice of style) that lets you
> shine your brightest. The "showcase" can be something you have already
> presented to an SCA audience, or not ... your choice.
> As last year's winner, I will be among the judges, but I will not compete.
> (I could be encouraged, however, to tell a tale or two ... c'mon, twist my
> arm. That's enough!)
> The winner, of course, will receive all the regalia, honor, etc., that the
> title can bestow. And ... if last year's competition was any indication
> ...
> there will be some hard decisions for the judges to make. I'll have a few
> special gifts for the runners-up, because they certainly deserve some
> recognition, too.
> I hope to see you at Baronial, and look forward to hearing some wonderful,
> wonderful work.
> Gwilim the Mummer
> Wiesenfeuer Bardic Champion
> gwilliams at drionline.org

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