[NR] Margrave/Vormund VIII is brought to you by the Canton of Rundel

Elizabeta of Rundel rundel_seneschal at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 28 12:05:54 PST 2002

Come to Margrave/Vormund. This year is going to be
even more exciteing. With Tons of Childrens
Activities. Margrave Tourney will be decided by Swiss
5 (to be decided by Baron Ainar). Vormund (light
fighting) will be a torch light tourney. There will be
a Bardic Liars competition after court saturday night,
Prize will be what the Bards are lieing over. There
will be a brewing competition, and much much more.
Held this year (again) at Robbers Cave State Park.
Feast is (all reservations have been taken and a list
will be taken at troll and by email to our feastacrat
kelandra_c at hotmail.com for those who wish to be
notified if there are any vacancies pop up)
feasts at             7.00 a person
children 6-12      3.00 a person
children 5 and under free

Gate is
$10 per person Without a Blue Card
$8   per person with blue card
$6  Children between 6-13 =20
Children 5 and under free
$7  Merchants with Blue Card and donated item=20
$9  Merchants without Blue card and dontated Item

Directions are:
Find your best way to McAlester, Oklahoma. Take
Highway 270 east (carl albert parkway is the name of
the road). Stay on this road you will go through
Alderson, Dow, Haileyville and Hartshorn shortly after
Hartshorne the road splits. Stay on 270 west it is a
right hand turn after hartshorne. Stay on this road
till Wilburton. In Wilburton turn Left at the first
red light (highway 2) there will be a Sonic on the
corner.  Stay on this road you will see a Robbers Cave
State Park sign on the right hand side of the road.
Start looking for SCA signs (park is on left of road).
We will be at group camp #2 right next to the cave.
Site is wet in period containers only. Pets allowed
with current Vac/immunization records and kept on a
leash). Site opens 3pm friday and closes noon on
sunday. Anyone left after noon will be held for slave
auction at next Margrave.

Merchants will be shown where to set up thier booths
(Designated Merchants row next to list field).

Any Questions, concerns etc please feel free to Call
me at
Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans Autocrat
Margrave/Vormund VIII
Owner Dwarvenhome Armory    www.dwarvenhome.com
Minister of A&S of Canton of Rundel

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Elizabeta
Seneschal of Rundel

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