[NR] Namron's Archery Practice/IKAC/RR Schedule

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Tue Sep 3 12:35:17 PDT 2002

As the new Archery Marshal for Namron and after discussions with the Barony’s regularly attending archers, I have a few changes to the Barony's archery practice schedule.  We will still be shooting on Monday evenings at Lord Magnus’ property with practice beginning at 6:30 p.m., however, we will now be having "theme" practices.   If you need directions, please e-mail (class016 at aol.com) or call me (361-9458).

The way this will work is that the first Monday of each month will be Children's Archery.  I encourage all parents to bring out their children and have them start learning the love of this wonderful sport.  The archers who regularly attend practice will be more than willing to assist all comers and we will have loaner equipment available plus appropriate targets.   Children's Archery night will also be a time for adults to make new targets, create new children’s and adult’s challenge targets and do general maintenance to the archery field, hay bails and mound, etc.

The second Monday of the month will be distance shooting -- practice from 30 and 40 yards only.  We all need it and it is great preparation for combat archery.

The third Monday will be practice from 20 yards and some type of challenge shoot devised from my own diabolical mind with assistance from those whose minds also qualify!

The fourth Monday will be an IKAC or Royal Round shoot.  We will need to start these as close to 6 p.m. as possible and we will have two targets so we can shoot as quickly as possible. I encourage the children to enter both of these challenges.  Late comers will make up missed rounds at the completion of the main list.   The range is lighted.

I will also try to throw in an IKAC or RR on a weekend(s) during the fall eventing season when the Northern Region is slow and we are not attending a Southern event.  No reason to waste a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon without hurling a few arrows at a target!

My goal for the future is to also start combat archery practice in conjunction with the Baronial Fighter Practice (once everything is arranged with the park, our Seneschal and we have a couple of combat arrow making parties).

In Service,
Bianca Sereni
Archery Marshal of Namron
Titled Archer of Namron

Proposed Namron Archery Calendar

September 2002
9th – Children’s Archery
16th – Distance Shoot
23rd – 20 yard & Challenge Shoot
30th – IKAC – Begins at 6 p.m. (will catch up late arrivals – children welcome)

October 2002
7th – Children’s Archery
14th – Distance Shoot
22st – 20 yard & Challenge Shoot
28th – IKAC or RR – Begins at 6 p.m. (will catch up late arrivals – children welcome)

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