[NR] Archery at Guardian

Toinette de Cambrai toinettec at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 4 21:23:23 PDT 2002


This is just to let everyone know that there WILL be
archery at Mooneschadowe's Guardian this weekend, rain
or shine.  We'll be having the competition to choose
the Yeoman of Mooneschadowe for the coming year.

I enjoyed the William Tell shoot so much the last time
we had it, that I thought we'd have it again this
year.  The particulars for this year's scoring are on
the Guardian website at

There will be a couple of nice little keeper prizes
for the winner, as well as the medallion and the
pass-down leather combat quiver, to which the new
Yeoman will have the opportunity to add his or her

So I hope you'll all come out and shoot, because I
think it's going to be just a great deal of fun.

HL Toinette de Cambrai

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