[NR] Pondering would love input

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Sep 27 15:31:00 PDT 2002

I was writing something earlier that addressed the change from (specificly
the Cherokee) but leadership going from being a village or group of village
thing to being of a 'specific people' in general.  The only group I know
much of the definitive history of this happening was with the Hawai'ians
and it happened prior to their contact with Europeans.

This is something that took place across Europe during our 'period'.  I
would love hearing about how the transition took place in the various
cultures, hearing from those who have studied the specific period in their
persona's time would be facinating.  Also a list of the 'diffinitive' first
rulers of different 'regions' and how those were defined.  It is facinating
how the different societies did this shift post Roman Empire, also how the
Roman rule actually affected the societies at the edges of the empire.  The
constant redrawing of borders is an aspect of this, defining regions by
enthnitisity, religion, ...  What are some of the other 'defining' points
of different 'regions'?

I would also be interested in the way in which people see how this point in
time in different cultures, altered those cultures.  How identity was seen
and that horridly popular word, how it affected their 'World View'

Looking forward to learning more of this transition in rule and culture,
and expecially how people on these different lists see it.

Susan the Curious

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