[NR] Pondering would love input

Rostislav rostislav at cox.net
Sun Sep 29 08:11:05 PDT 2002

Hi Susan,

Hope your arm is getting better and no complications. Ouch. I missed the
first letter of the accident. What happened?

I read an article that might point you in a direction to search. It had to
do with Tribalism in most of the countries of the world vs the melting pot
of the USA. It was an extract from a larger work. Can't think of the
author's name. Of course. Searching something along tribalism may turn it
up. The author believed that most of the wars in the world are based on the
effects of tribalism in the older countries. No trust for a stranger. "You
are from over there, You don't belong here" type thought patterns.
The Russ had established there leadership pattern long before anyone taught
them how to write so there isn't anything but legendary history of their
earlier days. They show a constant history of internal betrayal as a normal
way of behaving. I don't know if it was outside family lines only that this
occurred or if it included the family. The Princes of different factions in
the Slavic countries routinely betrayed their neighboring Slavic tribes to
the Germanic tribes in warfare. The Slavs survived because they were fluid.
They would retreat under the pressure of a stronger force and wait them out.
Then move back in when the enemy got tired of the place. The study I did
several years back showed that the Slavs did not have a period without major
war, external or internal, that lasted more than 10 years. They have always
resorted to espionage to make up lagging technical development. They have
always been very good at espionage possibly because of all the internal
intrigue they practiced.
If I can find any names to go with my earlier study I will forward them on
to you.
See ya,


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