[NR] Re: Opinions on Event Sites

Lynne Dawson martadormani at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 1 06:24:55 PST 2003

I thought the site was lovely, and the location was
fine. The facilities were all right as well. My only
problem with the site at that time of year, is that
when it's as hot as it was last year, there's no way
to cool off. The high temps that weekend may have been
why attendance was down. Otherwise, the event and
feast were wonderful.

Northkeep Seneschal
--- Jerry Barnes <griffinred at hotmail.com> wrote:
> [ Converted text/html to text/plain ]
> Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Guardian last
> year. I did attend a
> previous event at this site and enjoyed myself
> immensely. I am also friends
> with the niece of the site owner. And I would like
> to know what are the
> complaints against The Ranch as an event site? Is it
> the facilities available?
> The location? The site owner? The site rules? Or
> something else? I know that
> after the first event was held there, it was not
> used again until this last
> Guardian. And my friend(the site owners' niece)
> asked me if I'd heard of any
> reasons for Mooneschadowe's not wanting to use The
> Ranch again. Her aunt
> hadn't heard any negative feedback from the people
> that arranged for it's use
> for the first event, and she wanted to know if they
> were unhappy with the
> site, and why. I hadn't at the time heard anything
> negative about it at that
> time. But now you say people were dispeased with it.
> Why? The site owner is
> quite open to feedback about the Ranch. I'm sure she
> would like to hear the
> reasons for folks displeasure with her facility. If
> no one tells her why they
> don't like something, how can she improve it?!?
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> > Northern Regional List
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> >Greetings all,
> >
> >Here and there I have heard people expressing
> displeasure at the site which=
> > Mooneschadowe chose for Guardian this past year,
> The Ranch in Stillwater, =
> >OK. This past year, we also had an unusually low
> attendance at our event a=
> >nd I was wondering if the location of the event was
> the main deterrent for =
> >most people. Obviously, we are currently pondering
> the location of our nex=
> >t event and would rather not run people off by
> choosing The Ranch as our si=
> >te again.
> >
> >Any and all opinions are appreciated.
> >
> >Gilyan
> >Mooneschadowe
> >
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