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  This is Lord Angus, Father to Lady Consatance and Lady Maura

This is my new address that I will be checking for msgs as well as the

ladytasheena at sbcglobal.net

Ray has been accepted at the Bonham VA in Texas.  His heart is at 50%.
One of the graffs they did 7 years ago has bad blockage and there are
several more.  They said there was (no way in hell) given his condition
right now, he could survive any type of surgery.  They are concerned
about infections right now.  The diabetes has become a big problem.
They said they didn't think he had a stroke.  We have filed with the VA,
ref: the diabetes, and they advised us to file for an auto grant, as
well.  As soon as they get a room available we will be taking him down.
They estimated 2-4 months.  Right now we are doing the best we can with
him, and the girls have been a major help.
I will keep everybody informed as time progresses.  Thanks for being
there for us in prayer and well as thought.

Sharon Gannon


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