[NR] re- weekend event for Chemin Noir

OttokarLuther@aol.com OttokarLuther at aol.com
Fri Jun 6 11:46:32 PDT 2003

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My Lord Ottokar wanted me to let people know that they are trying to get a
pass for everyone to use to get their things to the site, He requested that i
let you know to park your vehicles and find them located at the southeast end of
the park by the stone bridge,( listen for animals of the cat and dog form and
you will find them) , get the past, use it to  Get behind the park to unload
your vehicles and return it so that others can use it to unload their things
that they are bring.

I want to personally say thanks to all the people who are coming this weekend
to help us(Chemin Noir and Northkeep) show what the SCA is all about and to
have a loads of fun.


Thank you,    Toriea

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