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Mon Jun 9 08:08:46 PDT 2003

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Greeting Good Gentles

First I would like to say thank you to all of the people who came out and

Someone said we could have done it with out the help. and my answer to that
is no I don't think we could have

Lady Anawyn has already posted the winners of the competitions and the winner
of A&S was Rinehair (SP?) a 15 year old who has been hanging out with us old
folks in Chemin Noir
I would also add that Lord Michael also sang with Master Beortlic and then
fought him best 2 out of 3

and a special Thanks goes out to  Bentley the "Demo Dog" who did his fair
share of drawing a crowd

On Sunday I duct taped some armor on and found out that my captain is still
as skilled with a blade as I remember from years past and that I still need
lots of practice

over all the demo was a success and we have made quite a few contacts with
other places who will want demos over the next year and handed out over 100
flyers to people who seemed like they were interested

and finally I would like to make special thanks to Lord Galwin who showed up
on Fri before I even made it to site and helped Fintan set up the large
pavilion and to lord Mathias who put up with us for all three days (we subjected him
to sci-fi video games on sat night) and last but not least to her Excellency
Mercedes who even though sick showed up and did a wonderful job dealing with
the public for us

again thank you all very much we could not have done it with out you

Ld Ottokar Luther Von Holstein
Lt. of the Guard North Keep
Marksman Mooneschadowe XX, XXII
Marksman Namron II   
Marksman North Keep 
Northern Regional Thrown Weapons Marshal
Seneschal Incipient Canton of Chemin Noir  

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