[NR] Brew and Bottle Weekend at Barat's

Barat barat at cox.net
Tue Jun 10 05:00:45 PDT 2003

For those interested in the brewing arts, several of the brewers in
Namron are planing their next Brew and Bottle Weekend at Barat's house
for this Saturday and Sunday (June 15 & 16).

So far, we have 2 all-grain beers and 1 wine scheduled. If you are
interested in making something with us, let me know so I can make room
on the stove (all-grains do take a lot of time to make).

If you are just interested in learning more about the brewing arts,
come by, bring a chair, and join the fun.

If you need directions, please let me know.

HL Barat
"Here, Drink This"

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