[NR] Questions about Investiture/AOB

Lori Campbell lcampbell at oltn.odl.state.ok.us
Wed Jun 25 11:01:10 PDT 2003

> about when will the melee/heavy practice be at Investiture/Academy this
weekend, and
> is there an online schedule of classes expected to be offered?


Melee practice, I'm told, will be in the afternoon.  Someone who knows the
exact time please feel free to post it :)

The Class Schedule for the Academy of the Bow looks like this:

9:00am-12:00pm – Range opens for IKAC / Royal Round (time permitting).  If
our combat archery range meets specs it is possible that we will shoot for
IKCAC scores as well.  It's about time some of our great Northern archers
had scores in this category.

CLASS AREA 1 - Preparing to Marshal Combat Archery  -  Eadric Anstapa
CLASS AREA 2 - Arrow Shaft Construction - Rumil Fletcher
AT THE RANGE - Setting up and running a range – Gilbert ost Westley

CLASS AREA 1 - Construction of Combat Arrows and Bolts – Eadric Anstapa
CLASS AREA 2 - Stringmaking – Jacques the Spink
AT THE RANGE: Sighting and Anchor points – Elric Dracwin

CLASS AREA 1 - Calibrating your bow scale – Eadric Anstapa (paper
CLASS AREA 2 - Construction of the Thrust/Throw Javelin - Iaen Mor
AT THE RANGE: Shooting for beginners/range etiquette – Earl Barn
Silveraxe/Ivar Brokksen

CLASS AREA 1 - Building a spining jig – Ivar Brokksen
CLASS AREA 2 - The making of footed arrows – Jacques the Spink
AT THE RANGE - Understanding your bow – Artair MacMora

NOTE:  The Children’s Archery class by Annabelle FitzSimmons and Bianca
Sereni, previously scheduled for 11am, has been cancelled.

1:00pm – Break for Lunch

2:00pm – Royal Huntsman Tournament at the Archery Range - Their Highnesses
will be in attendance to watch the tournament to select their Royal
Huntsman.  I hope the turn-out for this will be spectacular.  Details for
the Tournament have already been posted to Ansteorra-Announce.

I'd encourage everyone with an interest in Archery (and even those who
think they *might* be interested) to come out and learn.  We've got some of
the best instructors in the Kingdom teaching these classes and it may be a
while before they come back up this way.

See ya this weekend!

Kat  >^.,.^<

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