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Sun Oct 12 16:40:57 PDT 2003

Good Gentles.
I ask all to draw near and pay heed. On 11 Oct A.S. 38 being 2003 C.E. at the 
grand and wonderful Namron Protectorate, Did appear before the Crown of 
Ansteorra, The Baron and Baroness of Namron and the Populace of the Kingdom of 
Ansteorra, The Acting Officers and the Attending Populace of the Greater Shawnee 
Area Group.
 While in this Grand Attendance of the Court, The Group did Present unto 
their Stellar Majesties "The Petition of Incipiency for the Canton of Skarrgard. 
After a brief meeting in Court with Their Excellencies of Namron, Their 
Majesties of Ansteorra did grant the request stated in our petition. We are Now 
officially known as The Incipient Canton of Skarrgard,( Name pending Laureate 
approval) Congratulation to all of our group for all the hard work all of you have 
done to make this possible. For I know that the idea I had for a group here 2 
years ago would not have happened without all of you. Vivat Skarrgard! Vivat 
Namron! Long Live the King! Long Live the Queen! LONG LIVE ANSTEORRA!
In Service,
Laird Gaelan "Mordane" Garrett
Acting Minister of Art/Sci
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